Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Countdown to Christmas - I'm such a failure!

I've joined in Cathy's Countdown to Christmas - click here for the link.  The idea is we make our Christmas presents and then show them off at the end of each month.  I'm supposed to be making my Christmas presents anyway, so this seemed the perfect motivator.  Then life got in the way.  This is all I've produced:

Two little lavender hearts with applique underwear.  AND I've forgotten to photograph the backs of them which are blue cotton print.  I'm in the process of making 6 sets of these in different colours:

As you can see, the purple ones, the pink ones (I left the bra in the lavender pot mid fill!) and the green knickers are sewn, ready to fill and seal, the green one hasn't even got to that stage and the turquoise and orange sets are still unembroidered!  I'm rubbish.  Sorry Cathy, bumper crop for November's Countdown post, I promise. 

I did manage to start on another gift (also supposed to be ready for this post!) which is from my Craft Book Challenge - the patchwork pig.  I've sewn my first two pieces of patchwork!
I'm ridiculously proud of it!  OK, it's only 20cm x 20cm and some of the seams are pretty wonky but it was quite easy and I enjoyed it and that's what counts!!  My friends and relatives WILL be getting wonky presents this year, they can like them or lump them!


The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway. Good luck! Those lavender sachets are so cute. I was born in UK to Australian parents. My parents brought us back to Australia when I was a little girl. I have really enjoyed "meeting" all the bloggers in this giveaway. Blogland is a wonderful place full of generous and talented people. I'll come and visit you again soon.

Cathy said...

Please don't get down on yourself, you are doing a great job!!! The idea is that the more gifts we work on now, means the less nights we will be up until 2 AM in December getting stressed out trying to finish up those Christmas gifts and you have a very good start♥ :)
I ♥LOVE♥ your lavender heart sachets!!! What a "cute" idea :)
I have you entered in the drawing and linked up. Thanks for playing along!

Sherry said...

Your sachets are so cute and I love the patchwork!! Great job!