Friday, 29 July 2011

The not-finished stuff

I've got a fair few WIPs going at the minute, so I thought I'd show them here in a bid to make myself accountable for finishing them!

In the sewing room:

1. This Roman Stripe patchwork block is destined to become one of four chair cushions for my dining room.  Work has stalled as I'm not sure whether to make each one a different pattern.  There will be matching placemats and coasters too so I quite like the idea of four different patterns, but I'm not sure how it will look.  Thoughts?

2. I still haven't got any closer to quilting the Petit Ecole pinwheel table topper for my brother- and sister-in-law.

In the crochet bag:

3. The giant granny continues to grow - 25 rounds here.  I'm going so much slower than everyone else in the Giant Granny challenge!

4. The rainbow cushion nears completion!  No photos until it's done.

5. I'm 3 rows into 4" granny #3 for charity.

6. The ami bunny remains with only a head.  I can't get my head round the magic ring to start the body.  I pick it up, have a go, fail and put it down!

In the sewing box:

7. The needlepoint/tapestry part of the bookmark is complete, now I'm just stuck for how to finish it.  I had intended to put on a crochet edging, but my experiments with a tiny crochet hook just didn't work.

8. No more progress on the alphabet chart.  I HAVE to get my arse into gear!!

Well 8 WIPs isn't so bad.  I just have to stop myself starting anything else before I've got some of them done.


Farm Girl said...

Clearly you still need some more practice at creating more WIP's. I'm sure you can beat eight if you just try a little harder! At least you can still find and count all yours, I tried to count mine, got to 30 and then kept finding more lurking in very strange places. LOL
Have fun finishing some of yours!

cauchy09 said...

A nice list of challenges! Best of luck!

I love your blue and brown patchwork.

Holly U said...

Make the cushions different. Much simpler to not sweat if they all turn out exactly the same, and it adds charm in my humble opinion.

Katherine said...

Love seeing your WIPs, Wendy. So many diverse projects and lots of handmade goodness happening!

Baye said...

I'm glad to know I am not alone in having a multitude of projects going at the same time! You can do it! I find that it helps to just do SOMETHING on each one. I usually end up doing more than I planned.

Sandra :) said...

8 is a fairly small number, you amateur! There are a few ways to get through them:

- finish one before you're allowed to start a new one (I hate this rule, and can never follow it myself, LOL)
- do one each month (this is what I'm doing with my last 6 quilt UFO's, so they'll be done by the end of the year)
- work for 15 (or 20 or 30) minutes a day on one project - it won't take long to get finished at that rate - after you do your "must do" stitching you can do whatever you want (you'll likely find that you'll work longer than your goal time, lol)

I'm with Holly - I think the chair cushions would look lovely if you did 4 different ones, as long as they use the same fabrics!

Allie said...

Well they're all gorgeous, girl, I think different patterns would look lovely with all the same fabrics, but I'm also a big fan of order - I would probably do them the same.

Jillayne said...

Too weird - I thought I was the only one who said "fair few"... I have been called out on that expression so many times and half the time can hardly explain it. And here you are, in the first line of your post... Is it a British expression? Has it come out in me through a recessive gene (my family is from England and Scotland and only in the last hundred years so pretty recent by historical standards).
Curious in Canada

Cuckoo said...

I've got to stop buying for future projects whilst I have so many Wips going on as I get stressed. I start to think all these things are on my TO DO list and I loathe a long to do list even when it's fun stuff!