Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fancy packaging and a small rant (just a small one)

So, what do you want first?  The rant or the fancy packaging?  Neither?  OK, well here's the birthday card I made for my goddaughter.  She immediately tried to peel off the fairy when she saw it!

Now can I rant?  Please?  Well I'm going to anyway.  You know what bugs me?  Vintage.  Or rather "vintage".  I saw a pin on Pinterest today.  It was a little card suitcase filled with knitting and sewing supplies.  I have one, it was free with a magazine subscription (can't remember which one).  It had been tagged "vintage suitcase repurposed".  It's not bloody vintage!  It's brand spanking new!  Nor is it repurposed, it was made for that very purpose.  Do people just want things to be vintage?  It's the same with "vintage sheets".  I bought a "vintage sheet".  For all I know, the previous owner bought it 2 weeks ago, decided they didn't like it and took it to the charity shop.  How can you possible know that a sheet is "vintage"?  Is it just a new way of saying "second-hand"?  Does this bug anyone else, or is it just me?  Actually, whilst I'm on the subject, I also don't believe that vintage is always better than modern.  Some vintage things are plain ugly.  Some modern things are beautiful.  Vintage doesn't necessarily equal pretty.

Which brings me neatly on to my "vintage" packaging!  I can't bear to throw away jiffy bags that I receive things in.  It seems like such a waste.  In the past I've reused them by sticking a sheet of paper over the address label and stamp, but that looks messy.  It suddenly occurred to me that I could put some more of that massive pile of scrapbooking paper I have to good use.  I simply used a couple of sheets to cover jiffy bags, added a label with a little stamped row of bunnies at the bottom and ta-dah!  Brand new packaging.

A couple of strips of double sided tape to seal it and the recipients should be none the wiser!

This one didn't get posted with the hat on, it's to cover up the address label!  I know the ones I sent to the UK arrived intact, if you are one of the other 2 recipients and yours doesn't arrive intact, please let me know!

I haven't forgotten that I promised a couple of you a gift bag tutorial - using more of that scrapbook paper!  It will happen, but it has to be done at the weekend when there is a little bit of natural light.

A massive thanks for all your lovely comments on my depressing post.  I am making my way through and replying but it's a big job so please don't be angry that I haven't replied just yet - I will.  I am feeling a lot better.  

Oh, before I go, just a quick note on the aforementioned Pinterest, if you want to have a look at my boards, I can be found here.  If you don't want to follow me, I won't come and beat you up, but I might well like to follow you!  If you haven't already given me your Pinterest link, please do, I'm addicted!

Edited to add: Not on pinterest but want to be?  I can send you an invite so you don't have to wait!  Just let me know your email address.


Too many eggs said...

i agree about how loosely the term vintage is used, it is frusterating, i was looking on ebay for "vintage" patterns, i was surprised that patterns from the 80's are classed as vintage..... i was a teen in the eighties so that must make me beyond vintage.....
love your covered post bags what a lovely idea

suzan almond said...

No need to reply to any comment of mine - I don't expect it - it can turn a pleasure for you into a chore if you're not careful.

Sarah said...

I agree on the vintage thing as well. I was at a winter market the other day where there was a 'vintage' clothing and knick knack stall . . . it was obviously just an excuse to mark second hand clothing up to as new prices! They had a few fabric cuts from old sheets and the like, at prices higher then what you'd pay for new fabric. It just made me mad!!

Gorgeous card, just right for a wee girl :)

Libby said...

Acoording to some, I am vintage! I love your idea for the Jiffy pretty mail!
I am sooooo hooked on I needed another reason to sit around!

Alison said...

The 'vintage' thing annoys me too, could rant endlessly about it!
Love the jiffy bags, I just sitick a big sticker on the front but this is so much nicer!


My pintrest link:

Laurie said...

I'm so with you on the vintage thing. I do love vintage, as long as it really is. I hate copies of anything that is listed as vintage.
I do love however, your jiffy bag idea! I'm using that one!
As for Pinterest. I have been trying for months now to get in, but never have received the e-mail saying I'm in! I just keep requesting the invite over and over again. Help!!

Cuckoo said...
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Cuckoo said...

ps. Do you think that soon last nights left overs will be called Vintage Supper? Ha hahaaaa!

Ridiculous. I agree. I just like what I like, old or new. The world is bonkers these days.


Beth said...

I agree totally with your 'vintage' rant, it also drives me crazy. Loving the fancy jiffy bags, I just stick a new label on as well but that's not nearly as nice as your paper covered version - must up my game ;)

Beth/The Linen Cat

Joysze said...

Oh, what a clever idea. I just put a white paper on them and relabel. Hehe.

Stitchin' time said...

Blogger or my satellite internet is having a tantrum so the card won't load but I can have a peek another time. I've repurposed scrapping paper before but your packaging bags are a new idea to try and they look great.
Lol, the only vintage stuff I had was my clothing from 70's and 80's that eldest DD wears now. All her friends want to know what op shops or stores she frequents and are really jealous that her mum gave her funky dresses and wool skirts and bomber jackets that would cost an arm and a leg as vintage copies in a fashion store and be made from synthetics.

Nancy Lee said...

I am actually vintage. I only believe it is vintage if I remember "one of those" from my childhood. It helps to have it in the original packaging. I got some Simpsons' cotton pillow cases early this summer from Value Village. I knew they were vintage because Simpsons' disappeared from Canada ages ago.
Congrats on the new job! I love those envelopes too. Good on ya!

Sandra :) said...

I love your idea for the "jiffy" bags - a gorgeous way to recycle and reuse :)

The inappropriate use of "vintage" and "antique" makes me crazy. I think far too many Etsy and Ebay and Kijiji sellers use them to manipulate searches to their advantage. The other day I saw something from the 70's (I think it might have been a sewing machine) marked as antique. Ummmmmmmmm 70's isn't antique - it's some of my fondest memories, LOL!!!

Congratulations on the job offer - is that going to affect your trip to China?

Sue said...

Recently a lot of the furniture on our local Kijiji site is posted as "vintage", most isn't. Really bad is, that it just seems to be a good excuse to put a hefty price tag on ugly (even laminated)pieces.

Vicky said...

Love how you have reused these bags. Pretty and environmentally friendly too. I am a new follower and wanted to invite you to share this in a blog hop I am co-hosting.

Shiloh said...

:) I agree with the "vintage" thing. If someone likes EVERYTHING vintage, that's fine. But I think what you saw is false advertising. Lol, I'm still amazed that 80's are vintage now. :)
I'm a new follower from Mess for Less.

Vicky said...

Have a great weekend! Thank you for linking up with Mess For Less and Real Life Deals @

Shelly @A Creative Space said...

You are saving the planet, I love it!! These are totally cute too!