Friday, 23 September 2011

An order!! And I've been naughty...

I got a query through my Folksy shop last week.  A lovely customer had seen the peach coasters I have in there and asked if I did blue.  I have some aqua coasters, but she wanted a darker blue.  I took photos of my blue scraps and she chose the 8 prints she wanted.  I went straight upstairs and go sewing!

My sewing machine played up half way through the quilting, suddenly deciding I wasn't happy with the tension I'd chosen and making the stitches incredibly loose.  Choice words were said and the beast was manipulated back into submission.

I wanted to add a little extra, so I whipped up a lavendar heart using some of the same fabrics.

She's left me a message to say she got the coasters and is very happy with them.  I was so nervous waiting for her feedback!  I know it's crazy to be excited about my 3rd sale, some people have more than that in an hour, but I'm so chuffed!

I've also been doing some reverse-selling (that's buying by the way!).  I've been doing daily surveys about my television viewing.  Each time you do one, you get entered in a drawer and all of a sudden I won 3 which translated into Amazon vouchers.  Well, I was on Amazon immediately!  This is what I got:

Product Details    Product Details     Product Details

About 3 minutes after I placed my order, I remembered I wanted a Hardanger book.  They are all quite expensive, so when I saw this book on an auction...
The New Anchor Book of Hardanger Embroidery Stitches: Techniques and Designs (The New Anchor Embroidery Series)

I decided to give it a go.  I've never auctioned before, I always go for the Buy It Now option as I'm very impatient and usually when I shop, I know what I want and I want it now!  This time my more relaxed attitude paid off.  I won the auction and only paid a couple of quid.  I'm now bidding on a Bliss FQ set... ooops, what have I started!

With the Amazon order, I also had to get the novel on the left below, The Help.  It's been all over Blogland, people saying it's amazing and you know what?  It is.  I love it.  I haven't finished it yet, but I find it hard to put down.

Product Details   Product Details

The book on the right was a giveaway win courtesy of the magazine Handmade Living, such a lovely surprise!

I'm writing this post on Thursday, it's 5:20 and I should be putting millions of boring numbers into a boring spreadsheet but I clearly can't be arsed.  Instead, I'm having a quick blog trawl, then I'm off home to read the latest issue of Cross Stitcher which I've been holding off on buying as I didn't know which issue my subscription started with and it only occured to me to check yesterday!

Oh, in other news.  Some cheeky bugger has stolen our compost bin.  It's a council one and we put it out weekly with the wheelie bin - it's for food waste only.  Our wheelie bins are always being stolen.  I emailed the council and asked for a replacement and they told me I had to pay £10 unless I'm on benefits (which I'm not)!  Cheeky sods!  How can they charge me for something someone has stolen?  And if I pay to replace it, who says they wont steal it again.  And no, I'm not keeping my dustbins in the house out of the way of thieves!  Damn council, profiting from my misery.  Sorry environment, from now on, my food scraps will be landfill.


Catherine said...

Congrats Wendy on your 3rd sale!! I jumped up and down when I got my first few sales. Nice idea to give a little something extra too ;-)
Have heard all about "The Help" movie and book. I think both are good. After listening to a review of the movie I think I want to read the book before seeing the movie. Let us know what you think.

Cass said...

Hooray for your third sale. :D

I'd never heard of The Help (I must be living under a rock or something!) but I just reserved it at the library. We can compare notes when we're both done.

And I'm assuming that your council will still be charging you the same fee for collecting your bins, even though they don't have to collect the compost one anymore!

Pootle said...

Congrats on your 3rd sale! Coasters are lovely as are your hearts. Ive got The Perfect Handmade Bag book. Its quite good. Cant believe someone nicked your compost bin! Cheeky buggers. x

Joysze said...

Congrats on your 3 sale, the coasters look great and the heart is darling.

I'm sorry to hear about the compost bin... that sucks. :(

Allie said...

Congrats on your sale, girl - I'd be happy with it too, those are lovely! Tv viewing, eh? Too bad I don't watch, sigh. Those look like GREAT books!

I can't believe someone stole your compost bin...we have garbage disposals here, all of our food scraps get chewed up in the sink. No, I would NOT keep a compost bin in the house, ew!

Sandra :) said...

Reverse selling - I love it, and will use it!! I reverse sold a fat quarter today of fabric to make a Christmas gift - it should reverse arrive in my mailbox in a week or two, LOL!

You need to buy books and supplies - you have a store now - remember?! It's stock - totally justified! Congratulations on your third sale and another happy customer - you deserve it, sweetie!

Nancy Lee said...

Excellent news! Congrats. It is very helpful to reverse sell and fund the forward making for the advancement of the crafts industry -- vis a vis fatbunny designs.
You have to talk nonsensically like this to make the council give you a new bin for free.
Why do people steal a waste bin?
I have that Zakka book. It is awesome and has sensible instructions. Just sayin'...

Nancy Lee said...

Oh yes, I forgot to mention I read The Help and then went to see the movie with Sandra and Amanda.
It was a good adaptation. But, I liked the book a bit more than the movie.

Maaike said...

You go girl, well done!

And thank you so much for sending me the magazine, it is amazing!

I am writing a post about it just now with reference to you of course.

Thanks a million again Wendy!

Love, Maaike

The Dotty One said...

Yay - well done on your third sale! Its not crazy to be excited at all. I was super excited when I made a sale last week - it was my third but first since i set up my shop again. Its lovely to think of something you have made being appreciated in someone else's house!

Craft books too - yummy! I have the feltmaking one but have never used it :os I feel a bit bad about it actually! Will be interested to see how you get on.