Sunday, 25 September 2011

A short essay on why my left hand is now a claw

Afternoon ladies.  Do you want to start with the short essay and then move on to my usual random nonsense?  OK, we'll do that then.  I've been stitching.  Remember this?:

Well now it looks like this:

As you can see, I've worked on this A LOT this week, despite being out most of the evenings last week.  I even stayed up late on Friday night after Mr CA had gone to bed and stitched some more whilst watching Big Love.  I'm at that point where I want to see it finished now, but I don't know if my poor claw can take any more! 

That's it for the short essay - a very short essay, especially for me.  I'll tell you about my day instead.  I woke up at 11:30, I could sleep for England and I hate getting out of bed.  I finished The Help the other day and I'm now reading Girl in Translation, so I read that in bed with some coffee, after running downstairs to feed the poor buns who thought they'd been left to starve.  Usually the first thing I do on a Sunday, after lying in bed for a bit reading of course, is to clean out the bunnies, but it was pissing it down so I thought I'd go and sew for a bit first.

Now, my mum is the biggest ruiner of surprise birthday presents I've ever known.  I think of things to make her and then she asks me to make them for her!  How unfair is that?  The latest was yesterday.  We'd gone out to Newark for a day's charity shop shopping and lunch.  At lunch she pulled out her little purse where she keeps pain meds.  She's had it forever, I remember it being her make up bag when I was little.  Then she said, "Can you make me a new one of these?"  Well guess what I'd already decided to make her for her birthday? 

So today, I did.

A little zipper pouch made from some Michael Miller fabric, and lined with what might also be Michael Miller fabric, I'm not sure as it was a fat quarter without a selvage, but it matches perfectly. 

I didn't do so well with the ends of the zipper, though I'm not sure why as I did it the same way I've done before with the little shoulder pads.  I was really proud of this as I did it without instructions.  OK, so you're all thinking "so what, it's a bloody zipper pouch, not the splitting of the atom", but it's the first time I've made one without instructions and I didn't mess it up at all!  I shameless stole an idea from Sandra and added a beaded charm.

I had loads of trouble with that bloody split ring on there.  How do you open those things?  It gave me no end of trouble and scored a line down my fingernail. 

Mum keeps a post it note pad in the little purse with her pills to write down the times she took them, so I thought a fancy little post it holder would be spot on.  Again, I made this up from scratch and the only problem I had was the damn poppers.  I've even bought a special popper setting pliers type affair and it still gave me trouble!

That's the front and the picture below is of it opened, with a used post it pad inside - I will buy her a new one!

By this time I was hungry, it was about 2pm and I hadn't eaten, so I came downstairs, heated up the fruit crumble dad made me in the week and ate it with some cream.  Oh yes, I'm a real health freak!  I saw the rain had stopped so out I went to clean out the buns.  I started with Tiff and Harry and no sooner had I emptied out all the poo and straw and chewed up bits of toilet roll holder, than the heavens opened.  I couldn't finish filling the hutch as the bag of sawdust would get wet and soggy so I retreated inside, taking the buns with me.  They don't like inside much as they don't like my laminate floors.

They did a lot of hiding under the table, and some cautious hopping around, doing the funny extend-the-head-bob-it-up-and-down thing that other bunny mums will recognise.

Tiff did her hang-dog look to let me know that she wasn't pleased that I was being so mean to her!!  On the upside, I got cuddles and strokes with Harry which is a very rare occurance which only usually happens at the vets as he was mistreated with his previous family and is still very nervous of people.  Sorry for the blurry pictures, they would insist on moving when I was taking pictures!

In other news, I got a wonderful parcel from The Wee Pixie.  Her friend had been to America and bought back a yard of 12 different DS fabrics from Joann's.  The lovely Pixie had generously offered fat quarter bundles to the first 3 people to reply and I was lucky enough to be having a bored moment at work and flicking through Flickr!  Thanks Pixie, love 'em.  Want to see?

Oh sorry, the picture wont load.  Blogger denies it's there even though I can see it.  Ah well, I assure you they are gorgeous and you'll see them in some projects soon. 

On that note, I'm off.  I think I might go and do some sewing as although it's half 6, it feels like lunchtime to me!


Cuckoo said...

I have never made anything with out instructions let alone not made a mistake.

Hurrah for you!

Libby said...

Your stitchery is beautiful!! You have done so well on is almost finished!
I love that DS fabric! Do you have plans for what you are going to make with it?

Sandra :) said...

What's DS fabric? I don't recognize those prints - they're lovely!

Tell those bunbuns that sometimes they have to suck it up, buttercup, and can go back outside when you say so, LOLOL!!

Your zippy is adorable, and I'm sure mom loved it :) When I learned how to make them I had to check the tutorial every time for the first dozen - HA!! I love your beaded zipper pull - I don't do split rings - I can't open the double splits at all, and if they're just the singles I tend to squish them, so I just stopped using them :D

Suzanne said...

Nice little project!

Fiona said...

Great chats.. your stitching looks great and Ilove that you made your mumthings she specially needs... Ihave tried beading only once... but our 'teacher' had a special pair of pliers with a sharp tooth in the middle of the top jaw... that opened the split ring... no more scarred nails! Have a great week... fabrics are there... lovely

Stitchin' time said...

Well done with your zipper pouch and your post it holder. I've been putting zips in things for about 30 years but I still had a wrestle with replacing a jeans zip yesterday and snaps(poppers) can be temperamental at the best of times. Cute charm and I love all the fabrics.

Nancy Lee said...

Love the CRM roses. Very pretty! I don't wonder about your claw hand. Do some finger exercises and stretches frequently. Your mom is very lucky to have you! (As are we all!) The bunnies are so sweet.

Too many eggs said...

Great post, love the fabrics how lucky were you......
your mums bag and post it holder look great, you should be so proud of pattern very clever.

love the bunnies....

Rae said...

Very pretty, I am going to attempt a zip soon, eek! Love the beaded charm, oh I find split rings can be prized apart with one leg of tweezers sometimes

Got to say my mum is worse than yours, when I think of somethimng to make her she often goes out and guys it... I had a grand plan to make her a hanging wash bag and lo and behold my next visit to her she'd bought one! She has instructions now to ask before she buys anything!

Sewandthecity said...

Hi, this is so funny! I linked to the Made by you Monday link party just now, and as always I looked for one appealing project to comment on. The one I selected was this pouch, and your blog funny…there are over 500 entries in this party:- ) . This is a very sweet post it holder…what a cute idea! And those bunnies are absolutely adorable...Can’t wait to see your bundle of fabrics and what you’ll make with them.

Ivanna said...

Sweet welcome to this link party - ). And happy crafting ).

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Personalised presents are so great, you've done a beautiful job on those gifts for your Mum!

Anonymous said...

Your post-it holder is great!

(found your link on QuiltStory)

Carla said...

Oh too sweet! You can never go wrong with a personal gift.

notes of sincerity said...

what a cute post it holder!

Threeundertwo said...

How funny that you always read her thoughts and make the perfect gift. I'm so sorry about your claw hand but your stitching is beautiful!

Tezzcan said...

Very cool.

The Dotty One said...

Haha - I know exactly what you mean! My hand has turned into a claw from crochet recently - I actually woke up one morning and my hand were aching from the previous night!
I love your cross stitch, its coming along really nicely :o)

Michele Alger said...

I LOVE your bag and so need a post-it holder! Well done!! darling zipper pull on that little bag btw! ;)