Saturday, 17 September 2011

FSNI results - September

Handmade by Heidi

Last night was September's Friday Night Sew In.  I hadn't really planned what I was going to do. In the morning I thought it would be nice to do some machine sewing, but by the time I got home from work I was tired and couldn't be bothered.  I procrastinated for a while, then allowed myself to do what it was I actually wanted to do.  Hardanger. 

I forgot to show you the books I have on my last hardanger post.  They only have a few patterns between them, but they seem to be a decent resource.  The DMC book is actually really good, and I picked them up for just a couple of quid each at charity shops. 

I had printed out some free patterns from the internet, but the one I wanted to do hadn't got any instructions and I'm no where near experienced enough yet to know where to do the cutting.  I'd bought some new threads to experiment a little with colour (unfortunately my colour choice was limited as Hobbycraft only sells 25 different colours of Anchor Perle Cotton 8 and most were in very bright colours) and the other patterns didn't seem to fit well with the colour.

In the end, I chose a pattern from the DMC book.  I don't really like the overall project, but I thought the pattern would look nice on a little pouch or something. 

I didn't get very far!  I got stuck on the threads which cross the open squares, I just couldn't seem to get the instructions to look like the picture.  Clearly I'm missing something here!  It took me ages as I kept having to unpick and resew.  Parts of the background thread started showing through and my scissors aren't sharp enough and you can see a bit of a mess of white fabric round my cuts.  It didn't show on the white on white as that is more forgiving.  I have ordered some fine pointed scissors so hopefully they will help.  I will not be beaten!

I have got a Hardanger book coming, it's my first auction win on Ebay.  I don't mean I've never bought anything on Ebay, far from it!  I've never attempted an auction before.  I'm a very impatient person and when I want something, I want to order it right now, not wait a week to see if I've won an auction.  Unfortunately, I wanted a Hardanger book and there were none on the Buy It Now option at a reasonable price, so I entered an auction and won this little baby for just £2.69!  Bargain!

Product Details

By the way, my subscriptions for Australian Handmade and Homespun are up.  I'm going to re-subscribe to Handmade as I love it, but I'm not so fussed on Homespun.  Another magazine available is Country Threads.  Does anyone know this magazine?  Any thoughts?  Is it good?  I don't want anything that's just quilts.


Fiona said...

The hardanger looks wonderful to me ... I have to admit I couldn't see the bits sticking through you mentioned.... Looks like a great collection of books....

Libby said...

I didnt even know what hardanger is! Yours looks so good! I think you should be very proud of your piece. and if it's like most handwork..keep at it, the more you do the better you get:)

mdgtjulie said...

I generally do my Doves Eyes a little looser than that, but otherwise I think it's lovely. One thing that can help with ends sticking out (if you're very careful) is to gently press your scissors up against the floss of the Kloster Block before you cut. And if I may recommend a designer? Vicki of India Grace Designs ( has the best hardanger instructions and diagrams I've ever soon. Plus she uses fabulous colors!!! She's always been willing to email me and give me separate instructions when I'm having trouble. I absolutely love the colors you picked for your hardanger piece too. Pink and blue are some of my favorites!!

faith76 said...

I think you have done a great job and to me it does not look a mess at all!

Nancy Lee said...

It is not a mess. It is quite pretty. I tried hardanger once and decided it was not for me, but I like embroidery with perle cotton. So, that's what I do now. Hope you had a great FNSI. I had decongestant, tissues and one little project which I will post about in a little while.

Anonymous said...

I think it's looking quite good. It'll take you a while to get the stitches figured out but before long you'll be giving us tips on how to do it.

Stitchin' time said...

Wendy, I have my reading specs on and I can't see the white bits you are talking about. Looks great to me.

Allie said...

Well it sure looks fabulous to me! Congrats on your first auction win, my hubby has it down to a science, lol. He's been winning for MANY years.
I have a few old issues of Country Threads, I'll take a look and see if there's more than quilts...I think there is.