Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Countdown - November

Once again I'm joining in with the Countdown to Christmas with Allie.

Christmas Club

A bit of a rubbish count this month, especially with only one month to go.  I blame family members who are selfish enough to have birthdays in November!  So, here we go...

1. Iris bookmark

2 and 3 - panda and bear hats

4 - cross stitch frog pouch

5 - ruffly apron

So just the 5 this month.  Oh dear.


VivJM said...

Oooh, I so love those hats! Great stuff!

Nancy Lee said...

You are doing better than I am. So far, have only done the "must do" sewing on my table, and I have some presents to do that could not be done until the must dos were out of the way. On the bright side, I have managed to get some stuff mailed. I am loving that apron! I book marked the link for after Christmas for me!

Allie said...

OH LISTEN TO YOU!!!! Only FIVE! What did I do, one? *snort* All I ever do is one! I love every single one of your gifts, dear girl, but especially those darling hats!

Sandra :) said...

Of course I love everything you do, but those wee hats are THE CAT'S MEOW!!! Too adorable!