Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Winter Stitching - November Summary

It's time for my monthly update on what I've got done on the Winter Stitching list.  I've added a fair few items in, and changed my mind about a few items so they've come out, so I've had to renumber!  By the way, can anyone tell me how you do that crossing out thing?  I've also added in general crafts as I was getting confused having this list and a separateChristmas list, I hope that's OK!

FairyFace Designs

Birthdays before Christmas

1. Crochet hook case for mum - completed at the end of October

2. A thread catcher for mum - completed at the end of October

3. 2 x car kits, 1 for my dad and 1 for my FIL - completed at the beginning of November

4. 2 x mug rugs for the same 2 men - completed at the beginning of November

  Other pre-Christmas stuff

5. An item or two for a private swap - completed at the beginning of November (I cna't show you pictures until she's recieved it)

6. 4 PIF gifts - put off til after christmas

7. (new entry!) - Advent calendar for my goddaughter - completed but not blogged yet

8. (new entry!)- Hessian Reindeers from kit

Christmas presents
9. Finish the CRM cushion for mum - cross stitch is done, waiting on my fabric

10. Glasses cases x 4 for mum, dad, FIL and an aunty - in progress

11. Slippers for mum

12. Mani pedi kit (can't find the link) for mum

13. Amigurumi pig for mum

14. Flash drive keyrings x 2 for dad and brother

15. Keyboard duster for dad

16. Frilly apron for the MIL - completed November

17. Matching tea towel for above

18. Spa kits of my own devising x 6 for MIL, SIL, niece and 3 friends - in progress

19. Finish the Petit Ecole table runner for my SIL and BIL - actually, this will now be for my brother and girlfriend as we don't really give gifts to SIL and BIL and I have a few little things for them.

20. Matching tea towel for the above

Handbag for another niece - no longer required as she's decided she wants card making items.

21. Yoda ami for my brother, whilst looking for that link on my bookmarks I also found this crochet R2D2 so had better add that to the list!!

22. A great big question mark. Spot 22 is reserved for my brother. - I have decided!  He's getting a wine cosy along with his other little bits and the table runner.
Embroidered cushion from Handmade magazine for Nana-in-law - I've changed my mind about this one too and will save it for her birthday as she's also getting baked goods, a candle and birdfeeders.

23. Iris cross stitch bookmark for Nana-in-law - completed in November

24. Tea cup candles all round - started, waiting for more supplies! I think I need 6 in total

25. A frog x-stitch pouch from Cross Stitcher for my best bud - completed in November

26. I'd like to finish the alphabet chart for my goddaughter. I'm on N so I find it hard to believe that will get done!

27. Something for my friend's baby. - I've already made him a linen bunny, and now two bear hats.

28. Patchwork pouch for an aunty - I realised I'd already done this

29. Car air fresheners for my dad and brother - not sure if this will get done.

30. Applique scarf for my god daughter

31. Christmas cards

32. Gift tags

33. Cookies in a jar all round - about 14 jars I think.  There will probably also be some freshly baked items but that's one for Christmas Eve!

34. Scrubbies for dad, brother, FIL - in progress

35. Bird feeders - in progress

36. Reinbeers for dad and FIL (stolen from Pinterest!)

My nephew's birth in February
37. Quilt

38. Crochet receiving blanket

39. Sewn booties

40. Appliquéd baby grows

41. A cushion for his nursery

42. Trousers

43. Crochet bear hats - done in November

Stuff for myself (for a change)

44. The dining room chair cushions

45. Matching table topper

46. And placemats

47. A needle book or 3

48. Crochet hook case

49. A coffee mat as my coffee pot drips

50. A lunch bag

51. Shopping bags for the supermarket

52. A handbag

Brother's birthday
53. Coasters with cross stitch - quotes from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

54. Matching coffee mat

55. A cross stitched towel (just a band, not the whole thing!!) again with the quotes.

56. Giant granny blanket

57. Granny square cushion

58. Sampler blanket

59. Hardanger

60. Crochet bag

61. Tea cup embroidery

62. Secret project - can't tell you about it!


Fiona said...

you have done well... your list is so long... Okay.. so to cross out (you are going to kick yourself)... when you write your post you have a tool bar on the top of the post page... the 8th one in from the left has ABC crossed out.... just highlight what you want crossed out and press the button....

Allie said...

Oh my gosh I need a nap now....I got tired just reading your list! And I'm not the one making it all, lol! Send me some energy, girl.

Mindy said...

Oh my word!!! You're SO ambitious!! I'm impressed. ...and tired. ;-)

The Dotty One said...

Wow - you've been busy! And it looks like its going to carry on until Christmas! Good luck :o)

Suzanne said...

Wow you have been busy! That's an impressive list of gifts you have made.