Saturday, 17 March 2012

FSNI March

Morning ladies!  Well, after the events with my car this week, I got home on Friday exhausted and fancied some time in blogland.  It was only whilst talking to Sandra that I realised it was FSNI

So, I got off the computer, cooked and ate dinner then went up to my sewing room to sew.  This is what I sewed:

Care to hazard a guess of what it is?  I only sewed them up last night, I didn't do the applique.  I then decided to start choosing fabrics for the bathroom curtain I'm going to make.  I was supposed to be painting the bathroom today, but it's nearly 2pm, I'm still in my jammies and I have mother's day presents to finish so I can't see that happening.  The lovely Katherine asked me if I'd tried a granny block after I commented on hers (go and see them, they're lush!) and something in my brain clicked... yes, my bathroom curtain will be granny blocks.  I had a fabric I wanted to use.

But of course I only had a fat quarter, so that's when the patchwork idea was born.  Now, my suite is a horrible light brown colour and we don't have the funds to change it right now.  The walls are, and will remain after painting, white, so I kind of needed to fit in with that.  Cue me pulling out aqua's and greens.

Hm, that dark one to the side doesn't go, not that I'm sure ANY of them go.  And what about the brown in that AB print at the top?

Cue the pulling out of browns. And some DS for some reason.  But now I've moved away from the aqua.

OK, I'm liking the aqua, but feel I need green to pull it in with the original lot.

But is it now too green?  What about the blue, it's in those prints above.

Why do I have so little blue fabric?  It's my favourite colour.  Oh, I know, I have a couple of fat quarters that are gorgeous.  And blue.

But I'm not sure they go with the original aqua print... so what do I do?  Should I use them ALL, none of them and start again?  I know, I'll leave them in a big mess on my craft room floor and go downstairs and sew.  After all, I'm supposed to be working on the mother's day presents.

And this is all I have to show for an episode of House, one of Supersize V Superskinny (fast forwarding through the adverts of course) and one and a half episodes of Eastenders.  I really am the slowest hand stitcher in the world.

It's quite pretty though!  I've got to get these finished today so I'll show you soon what they become.


Celtic Thistle said...

So many choices! I usually find going with my first instinct is generally the best idea. I really like that aqua and white fabric too. Well done on the handmade Mother's Day presents too, I resorted to Amazon in the end I am afraid, maybe next year I will be organised enough to handmake instead!

Mistea said...

No clue what you were working on but you sure were busy up there with that lot.
Love the fabric choices - all of them look like possibilities it is just a matter of choosing one and committing.
Those Mothers day presents look like they will be gorgeous when done.

Stitchin' time said...

No idea what the mystery blocks will be!
Lol, only suggestion I can make for curtains is to pin the fabrics you like on a string, like a banner, and stickytape/bluetac it to the wall and see what you think about them, then hold the chosen pieces in front of the window as the light coming through will pale them out a bit and make them a different shade.
Oh, you could always pack away the unsuitable ones as you go so you don't mix them up with the ones you like :).
Cute little appliques!

Beaky said...

Hope I'm not classed as a no reply blogger! Have just replied to your post on my blog but will repeat it hear. Yes the fabric you asked about is laminated at the back.

I love lots of your swatches especially the aqua, brown and green ones. I think these three are a winning combo. Godd luck with the curtains x