Saturday, 17 November 2012

crochet santa and snowflakes

Good afternoon ladies.  I've scheduled this post as at this time on Saturday I'll be at my parents house for my nephew's first visit to his ancestral home!  I'll be far too busy cuddling and kissing and playing with him to write a post!

Do you remember my crocheted snowflakes?  They look a bit better now, they've been blocked with about half a can of starch! 

Although it's a vast improvement, they're still too floppy considering they're to be hung on a tree, so I think I'll take Nancy's advice and Mod Podge them, maybe even adding in some glitter. 

They were made from free patterns, go to the original post for the links as it took me forever to identify them last time!   I crocheted up a couple more.  Most of the pins I have of crocheted snowflakes are from the wonderful blog Snowcatcher, where a free snowflake pattern is published each Monday, adding to the huge collection already there.  Some are too hard for me and I've been struggling - not because of the patterns I might add which are very well written, it's just that I forget that I'm not a pro-crocheter!

The patterns for these too can be found here and here.  Next up in the Christmas decorations stakes was a Santa.  Again, I used a free pattern, this time at the Sugar N Cream site which has a lot of free patterns.

He's rather odd looking, but also rather cute, I love his wire glasses.  I forgot to add a ribbon when I put the pompom on, but to be honest, he's a bit too big for a tree anyway.  He'll have to be a freeform Christmas decoration - though I wish I'd filled him with something heavy at the bottom as he doesn't stand up properly.  Clearly he's had too many sherries... 

One last thing before I go.  I've been getting lovely comments from a lady called Kerry who is a no-reply blogger.  I've gone into her profile on the comments but it comes up asking me to log into open ID.  Kerry, I'd love to reply to you but I'm not sure if you're the same Kerry who I talk to who's from Leicestershire, or another one.  Can you let me know?  If you're a different Kerry, can you let me have your email address so I can write back to you?  Thanks!  Oh - and I didn't bother with a crime number or claiming on my insurance as my car is an old banger anyway and it'll just put my premiums up.


made by ChrissieD said...

The snowflakes are beautiful but I'm crazy for your santa! Have a lovely time cuddling your nephew :)

♥Duff said...

what makes you think you're not a professional crocheter? i think you're snowflakes are wondrous!

cauchy09 said...

these are pretty and delicate. lovely.

have you tried using sugar and water? that's how most stiffen their doilies.

JoJo said...

What an adorable little Santa!! have fun today with your nephew. Have you seen the project where different sized crocheted snowflakes are stacked and heavily starched into the shape of a Christmas tree? I bought a few at Jo-Ann Fabrics about 12 years ago but I've seen the project online.

Kerryp77 said...

Hi Wendy, cute santa and lovely snowflakes too, looking forward to seeing them modge podged and glittered if you decide to do them. they're so pretty even as they are, remember every snowflake is unique so you can always claim that!! not sure if i'm the Kerry, but my setting shouldn't be set to no-reply.


Sandra :) said...

I think you're an exceptional and happy hooker!! *ba dum dum!* ;) Sweet snowflakes, and Mr. C is adorable!