Monday, 19 November 2012

glass update

Hello!  I had a lovely weekend with my gorgeous nephew.  On Friday I spent a lot of money getting my car fixed and then on Saturday... I bought a new one!  The old car will now be Mr CA's so it's not a waste of money and the new one isn't actually new, it's just new to me.  It's a blue Mini One with a checker board roof... I am SO excited about picking it up next week.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend too.

Just a quick update on my stained glass window...

I have started leading. I haven't got much done yet as I had to cut all those semi circles to fit in the glass nuggets at the bottom and side.  I was so relieved to be over that part, I completely forgot there are large nuggets throughout the design!  It's going to take a while.

The nails are to hold the glass in place.  Some pieces, like that leaf above, are a right pain in the arse as they wiggle around when you're trying to get the rest of the lead on!

The gaps in the lead will be neater as I'll be soldering them... so maybe the won't be neater, but they will be different!!  I warned my Uncle today that I'll need it installing soon... he didn't seem very happy about it, he'd better not drop it!

P.S. I've just ordered some business cards at and they gave me a 10% discount code.  If you use it, I will get money off future orders, but you get 10% off, so what's to lose?


  1. Wow that is looking so good! Very impressive. I got some business cards from Moo and the quality is amazing. I also ordered some greetings cards that I hope to get tomorrow. I hope they turn out as nicely, but I have high hopes.

  2. Looking good. Sounds like you have bought a fun car too, hope Italian lorry drivers keep well clear!

  3. Very cool!!! It's coming out great. Yes, slow going...but remember, 'it's not about the destination, it's about the journey', right?

  4. wow that is amazing, the colours so vibrant.

  5. Your window is coming along nicely - there's no rush, so enjoy the process and take your time - it'll be fantastic when it's finished! Congrats on the new-to-you car, too :D

  6. This is amazing I would love a stained glass window but have no idea where I'd have it and also who the heck to install it! Looking fab!

  7. That is beautiful! I wish I was as good as you at leading. i can never get the length of shorter pieces quite right!


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