Thursday, 19 September 2013

looming again

I've had these pictures saved in a post since I went on holiday in August, I don't know why I was saving them and didn't just write a post about them!  It's more looming.  I know I promised to show you how to set up the loom and why it's so great, but I still haven't done that - maybe that's why I was saving them.

I made an extra loom bracelet of a design I'd made up myself.  What I didn't consider, and what I still haven't checked, is whether I have a ribbon end of the right size to attach to this!

What do you think?  I used a turquoise (beads I stole from my mum!), aqua, purple and a lovely copper that was part of a mix.  I'll have to track down some copper size 11s as I love them.  I used nymo thread to do the weaving.

It took me ages to tie all the ends together and then tie them in groups so they lay flat!

I tied each thread in pairs first, with its neighbour to the left and to the right, then into three groups. I hope that will be secure enough.  You can see here that the turquoise beads are a tad bigger than the others, despite all being 11s.  It makes the bracelet slightly wavy, but I don't think you'll notice when it's curved round my wrist.

Before I whipped that one up, I made another small, 7-bead wide bracelet using one of the patterns from the class.

It's a little bit dull with all that white.  I'm not sure what would make it better though.

Writing this post has made me itch to do a bit more looming... maybe I'll even remember to take those photos I promised!


pennydog said...

That's lovely, how do you plan to finish it off?

Samantha said...

It's not dull, it's holiday'ey! I love it and will happily accept any and all loomed bracelets. My wrist is 15cm around :)

Anna said...

Quel travail ! Et quelle patience il faut avoir !
Vraiment très beau !

Sandra :) said...

I don't think the white one is dull - I think it's pretty :) I'm looking forward to seeing both of them completed - hopefully you won't have to ROB YOUR MOM AGAIN!! ;)

Alison said...

Oooh these are gorgeous! Can't wait to see how you do it, maybe I will add a loom to my birthday list :)


JoJo said...

I love the look of loomwork but the loose ends have always been a deterrent. I have no idea how to finish them off.

Jane Galley said...

Love the turquoise and copper colours

Astri said...

Fantastic color combo Wendy. Love the copper in there.

The other one is nice too! I like it's simplicity.