Friday, 1 August 2014

August goals

July went badly, I suspect August will too... let's see what I've got lined up...


The challenge this month is fabric colouring techniques...  There are a couple of things I want to try out for this, so let's see if it happens!

Sew Kitschy paper piecing bom 

It's a utensil pot this month.  I'm still in need of coffee mats, trivets and storage boxes for the kitchen so I still hope to get this done!

Something Old, Something New

I'm bowing out, I've never managed to link up anyway!

Something New for 2014

If I manage to do Needlequest, that will be one!  I'm sure other new techniques will come my way too.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

I did finish July's ALYOF in July, but didn't post it in time... So this month I'm going to make the bunny softie kit.

Craft Book Sew along

I've got tons of books to review for you so I'm hoping to get at least 3 reviewed this month...

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I can't find the announcement of the new colour, but So Scrappy's blog has gone green, which means it must be green?  I've already done green (So Scrappy divided some of the colours into lights and darks but I didn't), so I'll aim to finish red!

Smalls SAL

Expect to see another bunny!

2014 FAL Q3

See the list here.  I will get some done (oh, one already is but not posted yet!)

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Rachel said...

It's useful to have this round-up of projects and progress, isn't it!

margaret said...

you have set yourself lots of goals here best of luck

margaret said...

lots of goals set here, best of luck

Jane Galley said...

Another varied month, have fun

Jo Ferguson said...

I like the variety of projects. Have fun!!!!