Wednesday, 3 December 2014

a quick WIP roundup

I've read a couple of blog posts recently where the blogger was worried about the fact they had too many WIPs, one of them had 5.  The others were around this number.  I remember a couple of years ago a bloggy friend writing that they had nearly a hundred WIPs and I was shocked.  Not so much now, I don't think my total is much lower.  I thought I'd do a quick roundup of WIPs hanging round in my living/dining room, in the interests of openness! 

Let's start with on the sofa where I sit.

Blackwork sachets waiting to be stuffed and sewn up.  I embroidered these about a year ago.

Not technically a WIP, a bag full of beads ready for all the beadweaving patterns I've collected.

On the coffee table:

A viking knit bracelet that needs finishing.

In my sofa-side drawer:

A cross stitch project that I can only work on when Mr CA isn't around as it's destined for him.

The zentangle embroidery I started a few months ago and wasn't happy with.

The bunny cross stitches that I started earlier in the year.  This is Colin and Harry, I still have Tiff and Ellis to do.

Under the coffee table:

3 small balls of yarn destined to be a granny square (more on that in an upcoming post).

Next to the sofa:

My humungous blackwork project on my fab new floorstand.

In that basket behind the floorstand:

The Hardanger SAL from last year, only 2 and a half blocks to go...

The dancers cross stitch that hasn't been touched for months, or even a year.

In the yarn basket by the side of the sofa:

I actually don't know!  I guess I was crocheting a mandala?

This is a crochet cardigan I don't like any more.  It will be frogged and become a shawl for cold winter nights on the sofa.

Various parts of a knitted bunny, though not the body rather worryingly...

On the dining room table:

Again not technically a WIP, but a silk paining scarf and card kit I have every intention of starting.  They're sitting on my crewel work piece and handmade frame which need to be put together.

Beadwoven components for a necklace.

A beadwoven spiral.  I ran out of coin beads so intend to make it into a necklace with some chainmaille, or something...

Another unstarted project, but one that's peculating.  I spotted these threads at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show last month and want to do an abstract piece of canvas work with them.

A quilling project waiting to be done.

This box contains somewhere between 10 and 30 started bits of jewellery which need to be finished. 

And this box contains a couple more.

This corner of the dining room contains the box of felt for the quiet book I've started, some pyrography pieces and others waiting to be pyrogrificated or decopaged, 3 craft kits, a big box of roving for felting and kumihimo supplies.  Only one is a WIP, but the rest are awaiting their turn.

And don't forget, I have a craft room upstairs, we might do a WIP tour of that another day.

I'm not sure how many WIPs there were there, but if you were worrying about yours, I hope it puts your mind at rest!

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Margaret said...

Your blackwork piece is certainly large but it is beautiful

Rachel said...

I don't even count up my WIPs anymore. Not worth the anxiety!

Kokopelli said...

Hahahahahaha, lovely! You are like me. Boxes of WIPs, WIPs stored in bags and baskets, in cupboards and on tables. I don't count my WIPs as one day they will go from the WIP state to FF (Finally Finished) state. :)

Flickenstichlerin said...

Thank you Wendy for sharing, I am at rest now for sure. Just imagine how quickly you could win a WIP/UFO finish challenge? I have a lot of started projects as well. When I was little I did not have just one doll to play with either, so why play with just one toy now?

Rhona said... have enough to keep you busy for a while!!! ;) Now the big question is....are you going to start a new project or finish one of your WIPs? :)

Una said...

Wow! But it takes all sorts. I freak out if I have more than 3 things in the pipeline.

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

OK, you win. You have more WIPs than me, but then again, you've got more hobbies than me, so that's allowable. I wonder if you your WIP list will grow or reduce during 2015. Interesting thought to contemplate.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Wow, that's a lot of projects! I've got about 4 different things going on right now, and I'm having palpitations. Good luck! :D

Second Chance Tan said...

Strewth! Can you actually sit down on the sofa or for a meal at the dining table in your house xxxx

Leanne Parsons said...

I love, love, love that blackwork piece. Also, I've never heard the term blackwork that like redwork but with black thread rather than red?

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Love the wide variety of things you're working on! I have everything I need for the Save the Stitches blackwork project--just haven't started it yet.

JanineMarie said...

I kind of slog along one project at a time--which make my posts incredibly boring, I think. Your WIPs are fun, and so varied.

Jane Galley said...

not sure I could find all mine, lol, and I do try to finish them :)

Celtic Thistle said...

5 WIP's is nothing I agree. You have a great mix of projects on the go, the dancers cross.stitch is lovely it deserves to be resurrected soon! I love Oliver Twist threads I wouldn't have been able to resist them either :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post to put us all at our ease! If I were you I wouldn't count the WIPs in your craft room after all a craft room isn't a craft room without something to do in it, is it?!

SuperMomNoCape said...

Since our move, I've unpacked WIPs that I didn't even remember I had... three years can make the memory a bit foggy... lol!! I've decided that 2015 is going to be another year of getting things done because in addition to the WIPs, I've got a large nine drawer dresser stuffed full with fabric.

Una said...

I try to make sure that my projects include a big one, a small one, knitting and crochet. I don't usually get bored. But I think I just have the sort of mind that likes to plough on and finish something. I also don't have the space to store lots of WIPs. Good luck with finishing some of yours.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Goodness! That would drive me nuts, esp. as so many need such a small amount of work on them (stuffing and sewing up, fitting a clasp etc).
I have 3 WIPs at the mo and plan to complete a couple more small things whilst 2 of these are finished. The other will take a bit longer, but is not urgent (or even important!!)

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...


Just reading that has brought me out in a cold sweat!

It's possible that one of the blog posts you read might have been mine. I divided my WIPs into ones that I wanted to finish before Christmas (all these are now done except one) and those that I wanted to work on throughout next year - there's a couple of large projects in that lot so it's nice to have smaller things to do in between. It does feel good to gradually be getting them finished.

We're all different, and we all have different needs. A quilting friend of mine only works on a project until she feels she has got from it what she needs so she has loads and loads of UFOs that she actually intends never to finish. It wouldn't do for me, but is exactly what she needs from her crafting.

You have such a lot of lovely things there though... it would be lovely to get them finished! (IMHO!) :)