Monday, 1 December 2014

November review and December goals

It's the end of November and the start of December, so time to see where I got to with my goals and set some for the coming month.


November was stumpwork.  This is something I really want to try, but my mental health got the better of me this month and I didn't have any motivation for craft so this fell by the wayside.
December is miniature work.  I'm not sure this is an area I'm interested in, we'll wait and see!

Something New for 2014

I 've been doing well linking up to this party all year, so hope to keep the momentum going!  I'm not sure what "new" I'll attempt this month, but I'm sure I'll do something.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

The Mackintosh inspired wall hanging has been my ALYOF goal for months.  I'm not convinced I'll ever get it done, but I'm putting it as my goal again!

Craft Book Sew along

I reviewed two books in November - Felting Fabulous Flowers and Pretty Quilled Cards so I did quite well.  I seem to be adding to my stash of craft books pretty regularly, so I'd better get on with making something from them instead of just drooling over them!

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

November was baby blue, I'd already done my blue scrap bucket so I sat the month out.  What's that?  I've been slacking for this challenge?  Yes, you're right.  This challenge has now finished for the year.  I still have several scrap buckets to make from all the months I missed!

Smalls SAL

I want to finish the mini cross stitches of my bunnies and as I've only done the boys so far, I have 2 more to go.

2014 FAL Q4

I did NOTHING for my FAL Q4 goals in November, except a little bit of work on Cuzco.  Come on December, you're the perfect month to complete them all (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know how hilarious that sounds!)

1. Placemats to match my chair cushions from these scraps

2. Flower Patch bag using this kit

3. Hessian reindeer, bought many moons ago and now it's time

4. Mackintosh wall hanging, here's a photo of the pattern

5. Circle of Geese mini.  Remember this top?  I want to make a mini out of it.

6. Quilt And Sew On

7. Cuzco quilt - so close!

8. Applique cushion.  I'm going to FMQ this and make it into a cushion.

9. Mustn't forget the latch hook rug!  I will get it finished this time.  I said that last time too!

So November was a complete failure, what will December bring?


Rachel said...

I know that I have a tendancy to to drool over embroidery books, sometimes at the expense of embroidering. I sympathise!

pennydog said...

Go on, get that wall hanging done, it's so nearly there!

Sandra :) said...

My goal for December is not to gain 25 pounds eating Christmas goodies!

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

Don't say November was a complete failure! You must have done something. Maybe you read a good book, went on lots of walks, watched some excellent TV (unlikely I know), or cooked a great meal. I know we all want to spend all our time on crafts, but sometimes we just have to do other things first. Better luck for December.

Jane Galley said...

Not a total failure, you got through the month, and sometimes that's enough of an achievement in itself

margaret said...

do hope you are feeling better now, this is a hard time of year for lots of us.
Love the Mackintosh wallhanging so hoping to see it finished soon

Anonymous said...

Sometimes life just gets in the way of our creativity time and that's OK. good luck with your goals for December, I know I wont get much done this month with all the seasonal stuff going on!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I LOVE the Mackintosh inspired wall hanging, Wendy and am so looking forward to seeing it finished.

Janine said...

Your Mackintosh piece is stunning! Good luck with your goals :)

Sandy said...

Your wall-hanging is very cool!!! Can't wait to see it finished.

CeLynn said...

Love that modern wall hanging,good luck on a finish!