Sunday, 8 November 2015

Speed Craft #1

A few Sundays ago me and lovely mum went to a fantastic event at Debbie Bryan called SpeedCraft.  It was basically the crafting version of Speed Dating, just with slightly more than 3 minutes per craft.  The room was laid out with 5 tables.  We took our positions at our first table and crafted madly for 45 minutes.  The bell rang and we had to stop, we then had a 15 minute break to get ourselves to the next table, via the coffee pot and toilet.  We went round all 5 tables and tried each craft.

It was brilliant.

We've already signed up for the next one which, unfortunately, isn't until April.

I'm going to take you through our day but I'm going to do it over 5 posts otherwise this post will end up too long and then I'll have nothing to post about for another 2 weeks.

Our first table was origami where we learnt to make these paper stars.

Mine is made from just two colours of paper and book pages.  This was pretty frustrating at first.  It took us the first 25 minutes to get the hang of it, then we had the rest of the points to fold before the time was up!

Here's how it looks from the back.

After the initial confusion, I did enjoy doing this and I love the look of the book paper.  There were inks and stamps available for us to stamp designs on our finished stars, but I decided to leave mine au naturel.

Next up: ceramics.


Celtic Thistle said...

That sounds like a great day out Wendy, I love your origami star and I am looking forward to seeing what other speedy crafts you tried on the day!

Sandra :) said...

HAHA that sounds like a fun day - what are you going to do with your paper stars?

Melody said...

Love your folded star, looks like it would be tricky to make

margaret said...

what a great idea to craft date gives you a look at lots of techniques,never heard of this before, lets hope it catches on up here too. Eagerly waiting to see what else you did, the paper folding has worked very well

Anonymous said...

that's really neat!
I'm thinking this would look lovely doing in xmas wrapping paper - décorations for the tree ^^

Sarah in Stitches said...

Love your origami! This sounds very intriguing, I've never heard of Speed Crafting before. Can't wait to see what the other 4 tables were! :D

Rachel said...

It sounds like a wonderful day - but I can quite imagine the organisers feeling they wanted a rest before organising something so intensive again!

Jo Ferguson said...

Origami has always intrigued me. I love the use of coloured and text pages.