Monday, 1 February 2016

Finishing off

In a previous post I mentioned a box of jewellery WIPs I have lying around.  Back in the autumn I started to tackle them, and some other WIPs lying around.  It was slow progress!

I made some silver links and a silver heart in the silversmithing class Mr CA and I took in September.  See here.  I finally got round to adding some chain and a little porcelain bunny to one of them.  They are designed to wrap round the neck, then the part of chain with the dangle goes through the coil to hold it in place.  They don't really work and I need to rethink the design.  They fall off a lot when I wear them.

Also in September, wonderful mum and I went to a mosaic class, which you can read about here.  My tray needed finishing.  I'd bought a little pot of tester paint and over Christmas I set to work painting it.  Finally it is finished and in use!

In a ceramics class in August, wonderful mum and I made brooches.  She had hers all finished and ready to wear the day after the class.  Mine were ready in December!  You can see the original post here.

The second from the left isn't ceramics, that's a beaded cabochon I made for a blog hop back in June!

It was nice to get these pieces out of the box and into use.  I still have quite a lot of projects half-finished.  I need to get better at finishing!


Rachel said...

It's wonderful to have got so much finished, and be able to enjoy wearing your new jewellery!

Sandra :) said...

Great finishes, Wendy - especially that tray - and especially the buttons on the birdies' tails, lol!

Kerryp77 said...

You've finished some lovely pieces there. I love the bird brooch and the colour works so well on the tray

Jane Galley said...

Hope you can sort out the design on the the chain, I like the idea of how they work. It's great to finish up projects, love the tray too

Sarah in Stitches said...

Awesome finishes!