Monday, 31 October 2011

Christmas Countdown - October

Are you ready for Christmas?

Once again I'm joining in with Allie's Christmas Through The Year.  Hold on to your hats as I've actually made some progress this month!

1, 2, 3 - travel tissue holders, blogged here.

4, 5 - linen bunnies, blogged here.

6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - Christmas tree decorations, blogged here.

11 - Needlepoint bookmark, blogged here.

12? - Possibly a Christmas present, though I'm not sure who for - bluebird, blogged here.

Bring on November!


Val said...

So many gorgeous things. The little tree decorations are my favourites. Though the bluebird made me laugh when I saw him. He has such character. He looks like he is going to take off from his perch :D

The Dotty One said...

You are so organised! I think I should have joined in something like this - maybe it would have made me a bit more motivated!
Its all looking lovely so far - your friends and family are very lucky!

Cheryl said...

Very, very productive!!! Love all your goodies. Great job on getting so much done. I just love Allie's club.

Fiona said...

Awesome Christmas goodies.... way ahead for pressies....

O'faigh said...

You have made so many gorgeous gifts, and should be well ahead with your Christmas Gifts...Regards, O'faigh

Allie said...

Well you rock the Christmas tree, girl! WOW that's a lot and all so adorable!!!
Hey I was thinking about you today - my project wasn't going well and I kept chuckling about your screw-up posts, thought about doing one myself but I was way too frustrated, lol!

Beth said...

It's all looking great! You're way ahead of me, I've just realised how much is on my christmas make stop reading blogs and get on with it - lol! Beth/The Linen cat

Sandra :) said...

You were so productive for October - I think the adorable funnies are my favourites - you should add that picture to your blog header!