Monday, 12 March 2012

baby trousers and applique baby grows

Hello ladies, just a quick little post from me this evening.  I've just got back from a wonderful weekend with my lovely little nephew.  He's completely gorgeous!  I'm afraid I wont be posting pictures of him on my blog, my brother is a little anti-social media and doesn't want pictures of Jacob on the internet, so I'm sorry if you were hoping to see the little mite.

Before I went down to see him, I whipped up more presents!  First of all I made baby trousers using this excellent tutorial from Made by Rae.  As I got started I realised it was going to be so easy to follow, I decided to make two pairs.

The top pair was made using Animal Alphabet fabric by David Walker which I bought from Prints to Polka Dots.  I love this fabric!  The bottom is a fabric I bought a long time ago, when I first started sewing, and I can't remember what it is!

The only issue I had with making these trousers was the fact my top seam was so wonky that I couldn't thread the elastic through very easily in places!  Not as bad as my sewing machine cover, mind.

The green trousers have a front and back, but only because of the way the elastic lays.  The blue doesn't have a front or back.  They're a bit too big for him at the minute, but I hope he'll be in them soon.

It's a good job I appliqued size 3-6 month baby grows to match really, considering the size of the trousers.  I really had no idea if they'd be too big or small when I made them.

My brother loves giraffes, so I fussy cut a giraffe from the same fabric and just machine stitched him on.  I made the owl, below, first and found it really hard, then remembered I hadn't added Stitch 'n' Tear.  Sewing on the giraffe with the Stitch 'n' Tear made all the difference.

The owl doesn't really co-ordinate, but Jacob's mum loves owls, so I had to add one.  If I had it my way he'd only wear clothes featuring rabbits!

The brown on the owl and the trousers does mean that he can wear them as a little outfit though.

Although not chosen to co-ordinate, this fabric goes perfectly with the babygrow and booties I made before.  You've got to love it when that happens!  If you do click to that post, you'll see that the bib co-ordinates with the other pair of trousers.

And of course the giraffe babygrow matches the green trousers.  Cute, but not as cute as Jacob!

By the way, in the interests of disclosure, I've signed up for affiliate membership with Prints to Polka Dots.  Now, I've only done this as it's an online shop I use A LOT.  If you read back through my posts, you'll see I've mentioned them before, before I signed up.  The first time I ordered from them, there was a problem with my order but they way they dealt with it (professionally and quickly) meant I gave them a second chance and I haven't looked back.  The affiliate programme basically means that if you click on one of the links to their shop in my blog post (like the one above), then buy something from the site, I get a small kickback.  I hope this isn't something that offends anyone?  I wont be pushing them on you all the time either!!


Fiona said...

Those are all very cute as I know little Jacob is.... you must be a wonderful aunt to him.... the clothes are really sweet and such cute fabrics.... silly question but I can't envisage how you get the little onesie into the machine to sew on the applique....

Pootle said...

What gorgeous wee trousers for your little nephew! Adorable! Have bookmarked the site as they look super cute and if they are easy enough to make then will no doubt come in handy once my little bundle arrives. Hope you are well. xxx

p.s Will go check out prints and polka dots as its not one Ive used before. Im supposed to have set myself a fabric ban but might succumb to temptation!! x

Stitchin' time said...

Really cute baby clothes!
I sew the top hems of pants using a zipper foot as I can sew close to the edge and the foot doesn't 'slip' off the edge or manage to creep into my elastic space. I can see better where I am actually sewing, too. Do you sew a few stitches up the side seam, through the elastic, to prevent the elastic from folding/twisting inside the casing?

Allie said...

Oh so stinkin' cute, Wendy - he's going to be the best dressed baby around, good job! I respect your brother's wishes not to have Jacob online, such a personal decision.
Good for you on partnering up with a store you believe in, I would hope nobody would be offended by it - I think it's wonderful!!!

Sandra :) said...

Jacob will be the best dressed baby in town, thanks to Auntie Wendy! How are your brother and SIL adjusting to Life With Baby?

Crafty Cousins said...

Super cute! I'd love for you to link it up to Crafty Cousins!


Holla! We're your newest followers! :)

Just-Do said...

Jacob certainly knew in which family to be born with an aunt like you! Those clothes are so cute!

Kelli said...

Those turned out soooo cute! Love them. :o)

The Dotty One said...

These are sooo cute! Jacob must be the best dressed baby ever! I hope your brother and his partner are pleased with all the lovely things you've been making for him :o)