Monday, 1 August 2011

LANT challenge

It's time for the first Learn a New Technique linky and I'm so scared that noone will join in!  I've made a page so that we can have a permanent, ongoing linky.  I thought it would be easier for people to link up as and when they post about their LANTs, rather than saving it all for the beginning of each month.  I'm not going to abandon this challenge though, I'm going to feature some LANTs that have linked up each week and hopefully point you to new tutorials.

Don't forget, if you need inspiration for a new craft or technique to try you can see my Crafts List page - suggestions for any I've missed, or links to where I can see information about that technique, how tos or patterns are more than welcome.

For ideas on new techniques to try, or to see tutorials others have tried, see my Technique Tutorials page.  Again, I'd love it if you could let me know links to tutorials you've used for ANY kind of technique imaginable.  The list is a work in progress so I need links to tutorials for items not already listed.

So, ready to link?  The linky list can be found HERE!  Please come and join in and help me make this a success. 

Want to help me spread the word?  You can use this button:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="The Crafters Apprentice" width="125" height="125" /></a>

On your design tab on dashboard, click on "add a gadge", select HTML and just paste this code in, it'll create a button on your sidebar.

Just to make sure you don't think I'm slacking, I've done a few LANTs this month:

Binding - see the post here

Glass etching - see the post here

Wet felting - see the post here


Remember, you can do as many (or as few!) LANTs each month as you like.  Use the opportunity to tackle something you've always wanted to try and make sure to visit other LANTers and give them some encouragement!


Allie said...

Soon as I'm done with Kaaren's quilts, girl, I'm joining in! I love all the LANT's you tried!

Sara said...

Hi Wendy. Cool idea! You could add spinning to your list of LANT's. I love Crochet with Raymond! I have been admiring Alice's beautiful hand spun yumminess and knew I must give it a go. Excited to share some beginners spinning tips in the near future. :)

Sandra :) said...

I linky'd my LANT ;)

The Dotty One said...

This is such a good idea - I'm hoping to get involved later in the month. So many exciting things I want to try....!